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Our Students Are Getting Huge Wins!

If You’re Still Recovering From A Bad Experience Where You Were Promised A Unicorn & Delivered A Donkey...

Erik was apart of not one but two other super expensive and “elite” coaching programs and mentally ‘checked out’ after a few weeks when he didn’t get what was promised…
Within 90-days inside The 7 Figure Mastermind he earned over $120,000!

(And Erik is growing his business while having a young family!)

If You’re Coming Off A Bankruptcy And  Been Told Getting Started Online Is Complicated…

Jason had never even heard of Vince Del Monte and within a few months of joining The 7FM, he went from bankrupt to over $17K months.

 He was most surprised by how simple it really was and had no idea how much faster you grow when you’re apart of the right group!

If You Have The Fitness Knowledge But Really Struggling To Get Clients...

Is there anything more frustrating then seeing others with thriving online fitness businesses while you struggle to get clients?

Doesn’t it suck to post regular fitness workout videos and inspiring selfies and transformation photos of your clients but you still can’t produce consistent revenue?

Laura always believed successful online coaches were always just successful and didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to market, create content and promote your programs.

Within 3 months of being a part of The 7-Figure Mastermind, Laura matched her yearly in a single month and now has a multi 6-figure online fitness business.

If You Think You’re Too Old Or Can’t Incorporate Faith and Business…

Think again! As many of us experience, Mark’s family went through a lot of personal up’s and down’s making it challenging to pursue his love for fitness because of the the countless hours and minimum pay.

He was also told to never talk about your faith with business but knew, deep down, there was a bigger calling on his life.

Within 2 weeks inside The 7 Figure Mastermind Mark made $15,000, which is more than he had ever earned in 23 years on his own and could feel God tell him, “This is just scratching the surface.”

If You Lack Confidence In Selling Your Programs & Not Seeing Progress...

Even though Kathyrn had a little success on her own she was not seeing the progress she felt she deserved…

She was sick and tired of trying to figure out the answers on her own but was still living under a ton of student loans and credit card debt so money was tight.

Instead of paying off her debt, she put every single penny into hiring Vince so that she could get the answers and exact steps of what to do next without the second guessing or wasting more time on trial and error.

By overcoming her fear of investing money she earned $73,561 in just 7 Days by learning on to properly market and sell her program.

And today she’s grown her following to a massive tribe of Mini But Mighty students!

If You’re In A Job You Hate And Have Never Done High-Ticket Coaching Before...

Working as bakery manager at the local grocery store, Tim knew he wasn’t living in alignment with his true passion – fitness and helping people.

Tim was trying to make money selling e-books and doing complicated funnels for 4+ years until Vince introduced him to the world of selling  
high-ticket coaching programs.

Two months later, Tim had added 12 new clients into his program and on many days makes more in 1 day then he previously made in 3 weeks!

If You’re Struggling To Take Your Business 100% Online & “Begging” People To Work With You...

If you’ve ever prayed for people to start working with you then you’re not alone. Hannah struggled selling her guides and challenges and had no idea of what she was doing.

Her best efforts hardly produced $1,000 and simply used whatever marketing tactic was trending on Instagram…

Within a month of joining The 7FM she made more than $10,000 and now has speed and clarity she’s so much happier.

Her own students are even asking her to work with her and her potential is now limitless because she has the knowledge and connections to get more leads for a consistent income doing what she loves.

If You're Not In The U.S.A. & Not Sure This Will Work In Your Country...

Frank Den Blanken initially had doubts because he felt that not living in the US/Canada would place him at a disadvantage. Oh boy did he prove himself wrong!

 Frank grew his business from 5 figures a year, to doing multiple 7 figures a year, all while working from Europe!

As Vince's first Millionaire student, Frank has completely transformed his lifestyle, as well as his family's, through creating a highly profitable, impactful business that helps thousands of lives in the Netherlands.

If You’re Financially Tight & Need To Make Your Investment Back Quickly...

Wondering how soon you’ll make your money back?

So did Petar, especially since he’s from Crotia, a developing country, and the USD currency conversion made it the scariest investment of his life.

With a newborn on the way, and a young family, he could not afford to invest money without seeing a return on his investment.

Within the first week Petar had tripled his investment and within a few months he hit 12.2K in a week and averaging 20-30K months.

(In his country, that is the equivalent of a 7 figure income in North America!)

And Getting Unreal Wins During COVID-19

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you still help during COVID-19?

A: Yes. In fact, more than ever. Right now your business should be thriving.

Since March 2019 we have helped more than 300 new members build 6 figure fitness businesses and more than 18 of our students pass $100K months. 

Depending on where you live in the world, millions of people across the world still don’t have access to their gym membership, bootcamp classes and/or personal trainer. And now with vaccine mandates around the world, more and more people are looking for online fitness coaches to train them from home.

There is a gold rush of opportunity to market, sell and serve harder than ever. This is not the time to be passive, remain a spectator, or contract.

You must protect your bottom line, pivot and be proactive so that you position yourself for mega profits and prosperity. It’s about leaning into the fear and levelling up or else you’ll get buried.

The future is now. 

Q: How soon will I make my money back?

A: On average our members hit their first $10K month in the first 30-45 days. More than 100 of our 300+ members are doing more than $20K a month which is pretty unreal. Our goal isn’t to help you make your money back. Our goal, at the very least, is to help you 5-10x your investment, every single month, with us. Keep in mind the members who make their money back quickly FULLY ACTION THE PROGRAM so if you’re an action taker you’re going to do great.

Q: Do you have any type of guarantee?

A: Yes, we have a 2X Better Than Money-Back Guarantee which means if you don’t double your investment within 12 months than we will coach you for FREE up to 3 months so it’s impossible to lose a penny and as long as you fully action the program you will very happy with your results. 

Q: What does your coaching program teach?

A: We teach you how to build a high-ticket, high-leverage and high-touch coaching program. We teach you our signature A.C.C.E.L.erator Method which entails:

1) Actively growing your following
2) Conversations that lead to calls
3) Calls that lead to clients 
4) Engagement that leads to mind blowing client transformations
5) Lifetime value from increasing # of clients, prices and renewals

These are the only 5 things you need to worry about to grow to 10k, 50k and 100K months as an online coach. 

Q: Is it really possible to sell high-ticket fitness coaching, i.e. $2,000+ packages?

A: Yup! And to give you a glimpse of what is possible with our program, we have members changing as much as $6,000, $10,000 and even $15,000 for 12 week fitness programs.

How can you command these fees? 

He dialed in his M.O.M.M., i.e. marketplace, offer, messaging and method of attracting clients - just one of the systems we help you with inside our program.

You see, when prospects are considering investing in your product or service, they look to “perceived value.” And perceived value comes down to your ability to both deliver value AND to communicate and command your value!

So while you may very well be the world’s smartest trainer, in today’s day and age, you need to be even better at marketing your program. In our coaching program we will turn you into a marketing machine. 

Q: How exactly do you help?

A: Here is how we can help you…

- We help you nail down your marketplace
- We help you craft an irresistible offer
- We help you communicate your messaging
- We help you create killer content
- We help you name your program
- We help you create your program
- We help you create all types of funnels
- We help you book calls via the DM
- We help you close deals via the DM
- We help you close on the phone
- We help you overcome prospect’s sales objections
- We help you write killer sales copy
- We help you launch your program
- We help you recruit affiliate partners
- We help you create lead magnets
- We help you build an email list
- We help you monetize an email list
- We help you start/grow your YouTube channel
- We help you start/grow your podcast show
- We help you run paid ads
- We help you develop client fulfillment
- We help you renew clients
- We give you 5 group calls per week
- We give you a dedicated 1-1 coach 
- We give you live and virtual events

Bottom line: We give you a step-by-step plan and hold you accountable to execute the plan effectively and efficiently via our unmatched support. This is as 1-on-1 as it gets.

Q: Will I get the support I need when I need it?

A: Absolutely. We are in service to YOU. You will get your own dedicated 1-1 coach so you don’t need to be afraid of “being a number” or “getting lost in a big group”. This is TRUE coaching.

Q: Will I get a step-by-step roadmap to create a thriving online business from absolute zero?

A: Yes, we deliver our program in steps. All you need to do is focus on the next step and trust the process. If you can follow a meal plan and workout program, you can build a successful business.

Q: Can I pay you after I make my money back?

A: Nope. Here’s the simple truth: If you’re not confident enough to bet on yourself, then I’m not confident enough to bet my time, money, and energy on you either.
I’ve realized over time that success requires attention, risk, and sacrifice. And in removing those three elements, I would be doing you a disservice by positioning you to fail.

Q: Do your methods work outside of Canada and the United States?

A: Of course. As long as you have access to a reliable Internet, you are in business. Some of our top students are from Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain and Canada.

We have found that many of our international students are crushing it because they have little to no competition. No reason that can’t be you!

Q: Which business models do your most successful members use?

A: All of our members are following the same Organic marketing systems on Facebook and Instagram.  

Everything we do is built around growing your following, having productive conversations (NOT cold outreach), scheduling calls, delivering a world class program and maximizing lifetime value of a client. 

We don’t let you screw around with fancy funnels or ads until you’re over 100k a month. Our expertise is organic scaling systems and no will help you build a profit rich business like us.

Q: Can you help me with paid traffic like all business coaches claim?

A: Yes, but we don’t teach you paid ad strategies until you’re over 100K a month. Organic marketing is our expertise and I’m the only fitness business coach who’s built four different 7-figure online fitness businesses WITHOUT a single dollar going towards paid ads.

I only used organic traffic, which is why my fitness businesses, to this day, still generates income. In contrast, someone who only focused on paid ads would have had to keep spending money to make money.

Now, I have nothing against paid ads. In fact, many of our members are currently running paid ads but they didn’t start until they passed the 100k/month barrier and had their organic marketing dialed in.

As your coach, my job is to protect your credit card, which means my first priority is to help you dial in your offer and/or program. Otherwise you would lose your shirt.

We have had so many members join our program after faltering in other coaching programs—ones where their business coach insisted on running paid ads well before they were ready.

So any coach who tells you to use paid traffic to scale simply doesn’t know how to build a REAL brand. And a real brand is precisely what is needed for paid traffic to actually be successful.

But rest assured, when you are ready for paid ads, we will teach you a simple way to get started and then guide you towards pushing all the right buttons so you don’t need to fork over $3,000 to $10,000 a month for someone to manage your campaigns.

Q: How do I know if I’m ready to join your program? I feel I may be too busy with my kids, family, job, school/studies etc..

A: As a father of three little kids, all under age 8, I totally understand your concern. But here’s the truth, there will never be a perfect time to start your business. More than half of our members start with busy families and duties.

So yes, you can absolutely do this with young kids and/or with a full time job/student. You will simply need to work smarter, not harder. We will show you how.

Bottom line: Successful people do not negotiate their dreams around circumstances, which makes right now as good a time as any to get started.

Q: How is working with you any different from working with someone else?

A: Since this is called The 7 Figure Mastermind coaching program, I’ll give you 7 reasons why we are different:

1. I’ve personally built four 7-figure fitness businesses.

2. I helped my wife build four 6-figure fitness businesses.

3. I run an 8-figure B2B coaching program too so I know how to scale high ticket and high touch.

4. Our A.C.C.E.L. method keeps building a business simple.

5. We have helped 300+ members surpass a 100K/year income and more than 17 members pass 100K/month so we know what we’re doing.

6. You get your own dedicated 1-1 coach so you’re not “just a number”.

7. You will be a part of the most supportive community in the industry.

Q: How did you become successful?

A: I have always been an ambitious, numbers-driven, impact-seeking person. So when I first started out, I chose to build a brand in one of the most competitive fitness spaces ever— marketing to dudes who wanted to build muscle.

When I was just 22 years old I transformed my body from a skinny, long-distance runner to a Canadian Pro Fitness Model, and subsequently launched my muscle-building training program called, “No-Nonsense Muscle Building.” That program led to dozens of others over the years including…

Maximize Your Muscle
Live Large TV
Your Six Pack Quest
Stage Shredded Status
Hypertrophy MAX
Ripped Abs Now
The 6-12-25 Size Method
The 7x7 Strength & Size Solution
The Vanity Specialization Series
The 1,000 Rep Challenge
No-Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0
No-Nonsense Fat Loss 2.0
Mass Mechanics
The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot
1-1 High Level Physique & Performance Coaching
Preload (My pre-workout supplement)
M5 Apparel (My clothing line)
Living Large (My best-selling book in bookstores)

And, no joke, many many more!

During this time, we also built my wife’s fitness brands, including:

Flavilicious Fitness
Flavilicious Cooking
The 30-Day Mommylicious Challenge

So what did I do well?

1) Stayed authentic, while ignoring the haters
2) Consistently produced high-quality content
3) Delivered killer programs
4) Established solid relationships
5) Learned to sell
6) Mastered copywriting
7) Continued to grow and evolve

I’m also a product of coaches and masterminds. So the more I invested in myself, the more money I made!

Q: I’ve been a part of other programs and didn’t get results. How do I know this will work?

A: A few quick reasons…

1. You learned from a guru, not an expert.

2. You’re backed by a 2X better than money back guarantee.

3. You get your own dedicated 1-1 coach so you’ll get true individualized coaching.

4. We have the most 6 and 7 earners in the industry for the fitness space. 

5. Our support has a mantra, “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND”. Unless you physically drop off the planet we will find you and force you across the finish line.

Q: I’m scared to invest.

A: I hear you. I was too when I first started out. I had already invested tons of money into other “opportunities” and had zero money to my name when I hired my first coach. In fact, I had to put my coaches fee on two different credit cards or else I would still be at the gym making my old boss rich.

So if you are a little scared, that is completely normal. It just means you are taking this investment opportunity seriously. But let me reassure you that fear is the path to your freedom!

And besides, if you need a little extra assurance, remember our 2X Better Than Money-Back Guarantee. 

Q: How much is your program?

A: Our programs start at 4 figures and go over 5 figures and if you’re not willing or able to invest into either of those price points, we wouldn’t have anything to offer you.

Q: I suck at technology. Could I still do this?

A: Yes, with one caveat: You will need to be comfortable using basic apps, like Google docs, email and video calls. You don’t need a fancy website or anything. We’re not launching a rocket ship here.

Q: I am afraid to increase my rates…

A: I understand that. But know that we will not have you crank them up overnight. Instead, we will use our proven tier system that gradually increases your rates while creating scarcity around your coaching. This gives you time to improve your sales skills and confidence in the process.

Q: Does your program only work for fit pros?

A: Yup! The majority of our students are in the health and fitness space, consisting primarily of certified trainers, coaches, gym owners, nutrition coaches, powerlifters/bodybuilders, mobility therapists and healing specialists.

Q: I’m older, will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. In fact, some of our top clients are older because they usually have more money to invest. Plus, if you are older - and market to an older audience - then you have hit a gold mine!

Q: Do I need a big audience?

A: Not at all. And helping our clients grow their following and go from unknown to known is one of the areas we excel at. Besides, I know a lot of people with a following in the millions who still struggle to keep the lights on and put bread on the table.

Q: How do I build my authority if I don’t have testimonials?

A: We have a nifty little strategy that’s quite effective in getting your business off the ground. We will show you how to run a “test-group” offer that generates a handful of epic transformations. Basically, as long as you can demonstrate value, connect, and show passion, we will get your business moving in the right direction.

Q: Do I need a university degree and/or certifications to start selling online?

A: Nope. You only need to be comfortable and confident in your promise. Never offer anything you cannot deliver on, and only cast a vision to your leads for what you know is safe and effective.

Q: Is there a discount if you pay-in-full?

A: Of course. And I strongly recommend it. We'll tell you about two unreal bonuses we offer to anyone who pays in full that I know you're going to want to take advantage of.

Personally I've always paid in full for every coaching program I've ever joined because you operate with higher levels of action.

Q: I am brand new and don’t even know what my niche is. Is it too early to join?

A: No. We will help you identify your niche.

Q: How much should I set aside for sunk costs like websites, tech, design, and ads?

A: Very little sunk costs are involved working with us. You need a phone and computer. We’ll teach you how to get resourceful with our little-known app’s instead of spending a fortune on expensive cameras and videographers.

We use sites like Clickfunnels instead of forking out thousands of dollars for custom websites. We teach you how to write sales copy to save you from spending thousands on a copywriter. We don’t teach you paid advertising until you have a 6-figure business with organic methods. And when you need to start building a team and hire team members we’ll teach you how to find our first side-kick to buy back your time.

In short, it’s my job to protect your credit card and prevent you from spending money on tech, service providers and team members if you’re not in the position to do so.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Everything. Paypal, wire, credit cards, we’ll make it happen.

Q: What if I need to speak to someone in my circle before making a decision.

A: Please have them on the call with you. 

Questions? We're here for you. Email our world-class Support Team at We're rooting for your success!

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